These are my pencils of choice recently. Tombow Mono 100. I looked online for a review of good pencils and found these came highly recommended. Used by manga artists and display typical Japanese craftsmanship. They don’t smudge easily. So no need to worry too much about smearing your fine details!

These Mitsubishi Hi uni pencils are also very good. The drawing you see in the background was done using this brand. There are two types so be careful! Be sure to get Hi uni and not just uni which are cheaper and presumably lower quality.

I have a lot of love for these since I started using Faber Castell as a youngster. Very nice pencils. I have had some issues with smearing over time but as long as you are careful you can get nice results with these.

With regards to sketch pads I use ARt spiral. It does the job for me but may not be available depending on where you live. I know Pentalic do good ones. Just make sure the paper is textured and provides a nice backdrop for your fantastic work. I recommend getting a hardcover type. Whichever size you prefer. Although A4 is too small for my preferences.