How to Draw a Lifelike Face

Follow along each and every step of the way!

How to Draw on the iPad

The Art of Drawing Digitally yet Elegantly How to do it on the cheap. If you are thinking of delving into the world of digital art on a budget and happen to have an old iPad lying around, you are in luck. I have been there and can tell you that you can actually...

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Anatomy of a Drawing

4 Simple Stages Explained. This post will show the progression of one of the featured drawings on the site. I will also give some insight into the components that make up each stage. These components enable me to draw lifelike faces that jump off the page! In this...

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How to draw a lifelike face

How to Draw a Lifelike Face. This is the first post in the How To Draw like a Master tutorial site! The premise of this site is that I have developed a skill that I can pass on by teaching you the straightforward process! It sounds easy. It's not quite as easy as that...

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