4 Simple Stages Explained.

This post will show the progression of one of the featured drawings on the site. I will also give some insight into the components that make up each stage. These components enable me to draw lifelike faces that jump off the page!

In this case as with most if not all face drawings I started from the bridge of the nose between the eyes. Generally you want to get a light outline of the main features down. As you can see here you don’t need to do the outline of the entire face. In fact I would definitely advise against confining your drawing to a pre-defined outline. Just gradually expand outwards fine tuning your drawing as it progresses.Early stages of drawing

Once you are satisfied with the proportion of the inner facial features, you can then proceed with expanding out from the centre and adding detail and shadow. Below you see me adding very limited detail to the hair just so I can get a sense of how the face will look framed by the hairline. It is just another example where I create a reference point that enables me to map out the drawing.

almost half finished drawing of a face

The next shot shows the face complete with detail with the hair detail being plotted. This is because when drawing the face you finish the main components of the face first. That way you get accurate proportion. I never use a grid for reference. As long as you start in the centre and spread out around that focal point, you can accurately gauge the proportion. Use minor detail such as shadows as reference points. As your drawing progresses you find yourself looking deeper and deeper into each tiny detail. That is in fact one of the key secrets to drawing lifelike faces. Go softly. Go deeper into the detail. Once you are happy, go darker.

close to finished drawing of a face

The final capture below is the finished drawing. I apply the same principles to drawing hair as I do to anything else. Which is basically manipulate light and dark to create a lifelike sense of depth. That is why I can draw anything and make it look like it’s jumping off the page!

Finished drawing of face

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