My name is John and I love drawing. As a child I wanted to show off my drawing skills to my peers. That’s why I learned how to draw lifelike faces. We see them all the time, they are endlessly fascinating and no two are the same.

I’ve been drawing in pencil ever since I was a young child like everyone right? I can’t rightly remember how I first started off but I do recall a lot of volcanoes, airplanes and dinosaurs. I also remember copying a lot of my favourite cartoon and comic book characters. (Which by the way is a great study in over developed physiology!) From there I moved on to drawing the images of my favourite baseball players from off of baseball cards. Throughout that time I was developing the ability to draw all of the outlines accurately but with just a basic ability to fill them in. My shading skills had yet to blossom.

I loved drawing so I kept at it. One day when I was about 13 I was given a brief tutorial on how to shade and reproduce subtle shadows, not by an art teacher but by my own mother. It was all I needed to set me off on my current path and enable me to reach the technical level I’m at today. At this point if I had a draw-off with my mother I’d draw her under the table because I’ve persevered and honed my craft. But it is thanks to her that I’m now able to pass on my skills and knowledge to you.

This drawing tutorial site is for anyone who wants to understand what it takes to draw like a past master and get really good at making beautifully elegant pencil drawings.

With this site I plan to pass on my knowledge, experience and techniques through articles, videos and images of different stages of the process. Bear with me, listen to my advice, practice and most of all have fun as I help you to hone your craft!